Review: Tofuture

13th February 2016

Pretty much every vegan is going to be familiar with what is going on here:


It’s that time of the day/week/month where you fancy some tofu; scramble or marinating for baking maybe and the cardinal rule of tofu preparation is press it first. Why do we press it? Sure draining it will get rid of the liquid that it comes in but if you want your tofu to have texture that is not sloppy and holds that marinade then you need to squeeze the bejesus out of it.

So I’ve been poodling along, getting by on my usual method (see above), tofu sandwiched between two plates with various cans of Heinz, sometimes a jar of gherkins if i’m feeling frisky.  It does the job but for a long time I have envied those Americans with their array of tofu press options…until NOW.

BOOM!! >>>>>>>>


Tofuture sent me a sample of the UK’s first tofu press (and if you ask me much prettier than what I’ve seen in the States)!



It comes in 3 pieces, the lid has clips on either side which are put in the place after you have chosen the level of press(ure?) which is dependent on which hooks you put the elastic bands on. In the photo above you can see I went to straight high press mode!


Usually I only press for a few hours, but since the press is so compact I put it in the fridge and left it over night. You can also actually pour water away without having to take the lid off, which I did after a few hours before moving it to the fridge.


{ Before }


{ After }

Yes, TOFUTURE IS STAMPED ON YOUR TOFU! How genius/cute/amazing is that??!


{ Voila tofu pressed }

I decided to go with fried tofu with this batch and the first thing I noticed was how quickly the tofu browned and crisped up in the pan.


{ Sweet chilli tofu salad }

Tofu and sausage scramble

{ Tofu and sausage scramble }

I know the creators have spent a long time and effort getting this to market but it has definitely been worth the wait. So big thanks to Tofuture for all their hard work and making tofu pressing less of a drag. xxx

You can buy the press direct from their website or look out for them at Brighton Vegfest.

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