Just V Show 2016

9th July 2016

Had a fun day yesterday hitting up the Just V Show with Sash (it’s on all weekend so you still have time to get down there). To make sure we did not suffer from fatigue we made sure we fuelled up before with a bento box from Oliver Maki and a vanilla froyo milkshake from Yorica with a topping or two…

Oliver Maki, Soho

{ May my sushi always come in perplex drawers forevermore }

Yorica, Soho

{ Dear Yorica, we are truly sorry for the mess we left behind on your counter. Love THV x }

It was the same slightly strange set up as every year with Just V (pink carpet) sharing a space with the Allergy and Free From Show (green carpet). Unlike Vegfest however there are non vegan things here so always beware before diving into samples/purchases.

My main purpose was to try out Temple of Seitan who I have been stalking  following on Facebook and was surprised to learn they are actually London based. They did not disappoint.

Just V Show, Olympia

{ Must. Have. More }

Things can get a bit samey here as with all ‘v’ festivals but if look hard enough you can find some real gems. I usually go early to these events and whoosh through, probably missing half the new stuff. Yesterday was child free which meant we could take things at a more leisurely pace.

Just V Show, Olympia

{ This Mighty Bee coconut water is amazing and so is their coconut jerky }

Just V Show, Olympia

{ The world can’t have enough free vodka shots }

Just V Show, Olympia

{ Our friends at Tofuture }

Just V Show, Olympia

{ Bob – he’s a real guy, who knew! }

One thing I definitely did notice was the number of ice cream stands, I counted 5 or 6 if not more. I have to say us vegans got it pretty good right now. Especially when Tesco are giving out free cornettos. <3

Just V Show, Olympia

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