Cape Town, South Africa

21st July 2016

I’ve been back  almost a week from 6 days in Cape Town and still thinking about this cashew cheese and dill bagel from Dolce Bakery. Perfect bagel and perfect nut cheese…

Dolce Bakery, Cape Town

In amongst the working (alas not as much time for sightseeing as I would have liked) I still managed to eat my way through a good amount of the amazingly vast amount of vegan food on offer. Who knew South Africa was so vegan friendly!?

On arrival first Table Mountain.

Table Mountain

{ A vegan }

Table Mountain

{ Some other vegans }

Exploration complete I ordered from Call-A-Pizza. This was the Tune Raider . It came with an insane amount of toppings (avocado, pineapple, olives and peppers) with tofu sub’d for  the cheese.

Call-a-Pizza, Cape Town

Day two I squeezed in a class at Yoga Life, I haven’t done hot yoga in a few years so it was an interesting reminder! I topped off my evening with a delicious Vis burger (vegan version of a fish burger which was a potato steak wrapped in nori with an amazing tartare sauce, it was also HUGE), a pomegranate and roibus kombucha and a milk tart. This was from all vegan joint Plant and I’m sad that I never got to try some other stuff of their menu.

Plant, Cape Town

{ Oh I might have got their sparkly fudge brownie to try too }

A lunchtime visit to the Waterfront had me overwhelmed with vegan choice at the V&A Waterfront Food Market.

Waterfont, Cape Town

{ Waterfront where if you’re lucky you can catch sight of seals }

Sadly the Yoko‘s did not have any of their coconut yoghurt coconut yoghurt the day I was there.

Lua, Waterfront Food Market, Cape Town

{ Lua basil mushroom rice paper roll }

Namaste, Cape Town

{ Masala dosa from Namaste and The Bubble Tea Co mango and lychee jelly }

Dinner that evening was at Masala Dosa who have a separate vegan menu. The Masala magic lassi was sublime and I only wish I had had room to squeeze in a chocolate dosa  for dessert.

Masala Dosa, Cape Town

{ Bit heavy on the old selfies this post ain’t it?! }

Masala Dosa, Cape Town

{ *That* lassi }

Biggest regret – not being able to try the bunny chow at the Honest Chocolate Cafe. The hollow out the banana bread and fill it with dairy free ice cream…

Honest Chocolate Shop, Cape Town

Honest Chocolate Cafe, Cape Town

{ I did try a sweet potato brownie though }

If you do go for a bunny chow but need something savoury first, the chickpea roti from Elixir round the corner is really good.


My last meal was on recommendation from Sara, I went for the vegan cheese burger and chocolate milkshake from Royale Eatery (still not as good as her burgers :)).

Royale Eatery, Cape Town
Royale Eatery, Cape Town

And topped off my trip by treating my team to some muffins from Dolce Bakery.

The banana was exceptionally good!

Dolce Bakery, Cape Town

{ Carrot and banana muffins }

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