Virginia Beach, USA

26th November 2016

My oh my where has the year gone??? Time does fly when there is so much good vegan food to eat doesn’t it? If I’m honest I don’t think that it’s any coincidence that the blogging fell away after I joined Instagram December 2013, this is also when I stopped taking my camera out with me and even started using my Iphone photos when I did blog. But enough excuses, let’s put it out there am I am going to attempt to blog at least once a month again…

First though I have some catching up to do…

Waaaay back in the Summer the family and I visited Virigina Beach, somewhere I have always wanted to go as it is where Mr Ikeda was born. It was kinda of a nightmare to get to, as there are no direct flights and as Mr Ikeda works for an airline we flew standby. Not the greatest experience when you are flying peak season, but somehow he made it work and we got there and with only one incident of not being able to get on a flight (my hero <3). It turned out to be an amazing holiday, not just because Virigina is beautiful but because the place meant something special to my husband.

Virigina Beach

{ King Neptune }

Virigina Beach

{ 17th St Surf Shop  – one of Mr Ikeda’s favourite shops growing up, WRV being another one.

Virigina Beach

We used Airbnb for accommodation and my little girl and I both fell in love with Bailey, one of two pooches in residence.

Virigina Beach

Activity wise we did some kayaking, spent a few of days at the waterpark (one of which was a total disaster as all the rides got shut down to inclement weather) and hired a surrey bike to cruise down the boardwalk.

Virigina Beach

{ Adventure Kayak Tours, Chesapeake}

Virigina Beach

Virigina Beach

{ Ocean Breeze Waterpark }

Virigina Beach

{Ocean Breeze Waterpark}

Virigina Beach

{ Surrey bike hire }

Virgina Beach wasn’t overflowing with vegan establishments but I had no problem finding food.

I pretty much trust there will be a Whole Foods in the vicinity of anywhere I travel in the US as then most food problems are solved!

Virigina Beach

{ Cookies and cream cupcake – pretty sure this was from WFM…}

Wholefoods, Virigina Beach

{ Bagels and vegan cheese godddes Miyoko’s cream cheese }

Wholefoods, Virigina

{ From hot food counter }

The rest of the trip I managed to find vegan options in both big chains and independents.

Chipotle, Virigina Beach

{ Chipotle sofrito bowl – waiting for the day this come to the UK }

Ihop, Virigina Beach

{ Also waiting for the day IHOP has vegan pancakes, in the meantime I must make do with vegetables for breakfast }

Bubba's Seafood Restaurant, Virigina

{ Forgettable salad at Baba’s Seafood Restaurant }

Sarku Japan, Lynnhaven Mall, Virigina Beach

{ Avocado rolls from Sarku Japan, I think I’ve seen this place in every mall I have been to }

Peter Changs, Virigina Beach

{ Peter Chang‘s – the infamous mobu tofu that nearly killed me, pan fried mushroom buns and shredded tofu in sesame sauce }

Zero&#x27;s Subs Oceanfront, Virigina Beach

{ Zero Sub’s Oceanfront – random mixed vegetable sub }

Ynot, Virigina Beach

{ Ynot Italian who have several vegan options on the menu and use Daiya cheese }

Virigina Beach

{ Frozen chocolate banana labelled as vegan from Ocean Breeze, I was also able to get a salad sub with vegan dressing and fries here }

In case you didn’t know Ben & Jerry‘s launched some vegan flavours in the US (still no sign of them here). There are 3 B&J ice cream parlours along Atlantic Avenue (which runs parallel to the beach) all of them had one vegan flavour, I was a bit disappointed that they all had the same flavour but then that’s insatiable vegans for you!

Ben & Jerry&#x27;s, Virigina Beach

{ PB and cookie ice cream }

Virigina Beach can however, boast a vegan bakery – My Vegan Sweet Tooth, they didn’t have as big a selection as I was expecting, though saying that they had 3 different flavour of cinnamon rolls, the two I tried both tasted the same but I think they might have made a mistake with my order…

My Vegan Sweet Tooth, Virigina Beach

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