9th December 2016

Annual visit to Devon update. Another year another visit to see the in-laws. This year we were blessed with perfect weather, unlike previous years where it has been raining away.


{ Elberry Cove }


{ Broadsands }


{ Paignton }


{ Torquay }


{ Torquay }

As is normal with my trips to Devon, copius amounts of mushy peas and chips are consumed, but I also happened to make some new discoveries; one of them being in the form of curry sauce! Sadly it would seem not all curry sauces are created equal.

Simply Fish, Brixham

{ Simply Fish, Brixham, home of the best curry sauce in all of Devon }


{ Chips with not so good curry sauce }


{ More chips and a pasty from H&B }

During the trip we also paid a visit to Exter for afternoon tea at The Hidden Treasure Tea Room.

The Hidden Treasure Tea Room, Exeter

And a milkshake from Tony’s.

Tony's Milkshakes, Exeter

In Brixham (as well as delicious curry sauce) I found a health food shop with a small cafe, I got a tea cake and I think a slice of raw cake (can’t remember what  flavour, that’ll teach me to blog sooner!).


Oats, Brixham

{ Oats, Brixham }

The place I was most excited about and with good reason was Maido, in Torquay. It’s an authentic Japanese noodle bar where I had an amazing mochi udon ramen. They also have the best Japanese toys to keep the kiddies entertained. I plan to visit every time we go back.

Maido, Torquay

Maido, Torquay

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  • Good to see you still come down to Devon. You didn’t go to Totnes, the vegan capital of the UK! Maybe next time eh!

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