31st December 2016

What a great year for food 2016 has been, I’m by no means finished eating for the year (there are two days left after all!) but here are a few of the things I have been loving over the last 6 months:

Pret. Over the summer Pret ran an experiment to transform one of their existing branches into an all vegetarian shop for a month. To their surprise (not mine :)) it was a huge success so they decided to make it permanent and are also looking to convert another one in The City. It was a bold move, especially as they didn’t expect to get the hugely positive response that they did, well done to them for being the first, as no doubt others will follow. Along with Eat there has been another first with both chains offering a vegan sandwich this year. Merry Christmas indeed.

Veggie Pret, Soho

{ Veggie Pret }

Yo Sushi. This year was one of obsession with their Peta award winning tofu katsu curry which has come to my rescue many a time at Heathrow Airport.

Yo Sushi, Westfield


♥ Pizza. 2016 was definitely a good year for vegan pizza. Fed by Water originally a vegetarian restaurant went the full monty and switched to vegan during the course of the year. Zizzi became the first of the large pizza chains to introduce actual vegan choose (they do an amazing vegan lentil ragu too).

Fed by Water, Hackney

{ Fed by Water – disclaimer there is no actual pizza in this photo… }

Zizzi, Westifield

{ Zizzi – vegan pizzas made with Mozzarisella }

♥ Mildreds Soho institution opened yet another branch in Kings Cross. The Polish burger always seems to end up on the table 😉

Mildred's, Kings Cross

♥ London finally has it’s very own vegan doner spot – What the Pitta!. You can find them at Pump in Shoreditch. They make the wraps fresh in front of you and they are a million times better than an actual pitta.

What The Pitta, Pump, Shoreditch

♥ Another newbie this year was Farmacy which opened in Notting Hill, am totally in love with their Mexican bowl.

Farmacy, Notting Hill

♥ New burger joint Mooshies in Brick Lane run by the cutest couple John and Nelly. I’m working my way through the menu, bear with me 🙂

Mooshies, Brick Lane

{ Fillet-om-phish }

Mooshies, Brick Lane

 { Bhaji burger }

Mooshies, Brick Lane

{ Pulled Mooshies }

♥ King opened yet another branch in Croydon Box Park #cookdailytakeoever

Cookdaily, Box Park, Shoreditch

♥ Oh hello vegan ice cream bar also opened this year! Yorica also do shakes, waffles and hot drinks.

Yorica, Soho

♥ Club Mexicana opened up a sister stall – The Essential Mix serving up banging salads.

Essential Mix, Kerb, Camden

Essential Mix, Kerb, Camden

Cookies and Scream opened their second bakery in Holloway. It took me a while to get down there but it’s totally dreamy and made me so happy to see yet another vegan business grow.

Cookies and Scream, Holloway

Cookies and Scream, Holloway

♥ I went to the Walkers Crisp Sarnie Club (the excitement on my face was not because of the vegan option but I lets not complain since they were able to rustle me something up and I had so much fun).

Walkers' Crisp Sarnie Club, Secret Location

Walkers' Crisp Sarnie Club, Secret Location

Walkers' Crisp Sarnie Club, Secret Location

Looking forward to what 2017 brings!

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