Carry on Camping

Carry on Camping

It must be a good 30 years since I went camping (that one and only time), of course everyone glamps now darling. So it was equal parts trepidation and excitement we headed West Country bound for some 40th birthday glamping celebrations.

Woodland Escape Glamping, Yeovil

Scenic views and 2 hours later we arrived in Yeovil at Woodland Escape Glamping.

P1Woodland Escape Glamping, Yeovil{ ‘Home’ for the next 2 days }

6 adults, 6 kids and a dog what could possible go wrong?! Okay I’m joking, nothing went wrong, we had a really lovely time and as a group it’s very rare for us all to be together at the same time.

Food wise camping is a cinch for a vegan since you supply and cook your own food.

I am also lucky to have lots of considerate friends so the first night we had a lovely vegan chilli that had been prepared before hand and then heated up round the camp fire.

Woodland Escape Glamping, Yeovil { Camp fire }

Woodland Escape Glamping, Yeovil { Chilli 🙂 }

Since we were celebrating a birthday I rustled up a cake before hand and then rather hastily iced it in the tent to surprise the birthday girl.

Woodland Escape Glamping, Yeovil

Woodland Escape Glamping, Yeovil { We even organised a birthday rainbow 😉 }

Woodland Escape Glamping, Yeovil

After cake and cocktails it was time to settle down for the first night. It was pretty cold, but the kids slept really well in their sleeping bags. Mr Ikeda and I had to source extra bedding for our second night. There is something lovely though about being woken by natural light and those damn dear birds tweeting away.

Left-over chilli on gf toast for breakfast? Why the heck not!


Breakfast was followed by a bracing walk amongst the rolling hills of Cadbury.

Woodland Escape Glamping, Yeovil

Woodland Escape Glamping, Yeovil { Views mate! }

We had a cheeky lunch in a little pub near where we parked and then head back to the camp for games and other non tech activities – featuring badminton, swing ball, hide and seek, and some good old arts and crafts.

Untitled { Chip butty }

Woodland Escape Glamping, Yeovil{ Hard day Buddy? }

Final night was barbecue night, contrary to appearances this meal was not sponsored by Linda McCartney 🙂


Each tent is supplied with basic cooking apparatus, plates, cutlery, kettle, a cooler box and a gas hob. There were shower and toilet blocks plus a little shed to do the washing up. This campsite is also not connected to electricity, drains or gas and self-contained to minimise their carbon footprint. Lighting in the tents was solar powered and there was no WIFI…scary huh?! But we survived!





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