Cape Town, South Africa pt 4

Cape Town, South Africa pt 4

Cape Town is a truly stunning place, my first week I stayed with a friend that I met through work when she lived in London, we drive into work every day and every single morning I couldn’t help but take photos and film the awesome views of table mountain. Quite frankly I don’t know how these Cape Townians concentrate on the road.

Cape Town




As we can’t eat all the time (no really), here are my top non-food related things to do in Cape Town.

♥ Lion’s Head

Something that I wanted to do since my last trip was to take a hike up Lion’s Head. As luck would have it the social team at work organise a weekly hike so alarms were set for an obscenely early start.




{ Up we go! }


{ Made it!! }


{ 😀 }

♥ Settle in for a sun set or two


{ V&A Waterfont }


{ The Blue Peter Hotel, Blouberg }


{ Plattekloof }


{ Bellvile }

♥ Check out the beaches

And there are a lot of them. We only visited three. IMG_5733

{ Camps Bay }


{ When you’re trying to take a photo of the scenery and a stranger insists on being in the photo – yeah that guy }


{ Camps Bay }


{ Camps bay }


{ Big Bay }


{ Seaforth }

♥ Big cats

There are plenty of wildlife parks or game reserves where animals are bred in order to attract tourists and visitors but there are also plenty of sanctuaries. We visited Drakenstein Lion Park in Paarl which is home to several captive born lions who have been rescued from zoos, circuses and private owners but are unable to be released back into the wild.




♥ Table Mountain obvs This is actually on my list to hike up, but with a 3 year old and an 8 year old we took the cable car up and took a long walk across the top.Cape Town



{Thirsty work up amongst them clouds }

image ♥ Penguins! Cape Town

A colony of penguins reside at Boulders Beach, you have to pay to get in and there is a walkway that allows you to overlook them on the beach.


However, if you noticed further above some of these guys wander over to a neighboring beach Seaforth where they are quite content to waddle amongst you on the beach.

♥ Sea Point Pavillion Don’t fancy swimming in the sea? CT got you covered 😉



Cape Town you have my heart! Hope to come back real soon ♥♥♥

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