Kerb: Livin’ On The Veg

Kerb: Livin’ On The Veg

Vegan street food has become quite a thing this year, London is now host to 2 weekly vegan markets and the Boiler House on Brick Lane has evolved into a something of a mecca for established and new vegan vendors.

What better way to celebrate this amazing scene then by a rumble to the death!!!!!*
Kerb took their street food battle format (I have a hunch that Kerb veterans Club Mexicana had something to do with the event because they are awesome like that), changed the prized golden cockerel into a carrot and made the challenge best vegan dish.

#livinonthevegThis was seriously an event from my dreams. Mini-sized portions from 8 different vendors (because who wants to eat one whole thing when you can try 8 different things!?) and then have your Gregg Wallace adjective heavy moment (‘sweet, chewy, creamy, salty’ etc) with your friends slightly squiffy on cocktails analysing each component,  excitedly deciding what to have next, finding a spare voucher on the floor, realising it was yours and having a mini freak out that you nearly lost out on a dish.


Three dishes really stood out for me with my vote going to Spice Box for their amazingly flavoured cauliflower steak.

#livinontheveg{ Spice Box – charred makhani-smothered tandoori cauli steak with coriander chutney & homemade pickles on a grilled naan }


Greedy Khao –Thai red curry tofu and butternut squash pillows on soy sesame slaw and hom mali rice }

#livinonthevegTemple of Seitan – fried ‘chicken’ slider in an agave mustard glaze }

The other 5 contenders made a good effort:

#livinontheveg{ Biff’s Jerk Shack }

#livinontheveg{ Lemlem }

#livinontheveg{ Young Vegans }

#livinontheveg{ Eat Chay }


{ Petare }

I was little disappointed that not all vendors were vegan (I’m not sure how qualification worked but I guess Kerb didn’t have enough vegan vendors on their books?) because I know there are so many amazing plant based vendors out there.  BUT I also appreciate and champion that non-vegan vendors took part because it educates – we don’t just eat lentils and salad and as the amazing Greedy Khao have exemplified it sows that seed (GK have since gone 100% plant based yay!).

Well done to Petare, I hope their heart, mind and soul felt good with their cruelty free win.

*totally having a Hunger Games moment there! No earthlings need to die for this mama to eat k 🙂

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