The Noodle Lab, Soho

The Noodle Lab, Soho

Most likely the best idea ever in the world, Wagamama have a test kitchen where new items are reviewed by customers.

Wagamama Noodle Lab, Soho

There has been much hullabaloo over on Instagram over the seitan katsu curry so obviously Sash and I had to go check it out.

It’s quite different to other branches with a large open kitchen which takes up most of the restaurant rather than being pushed over on the side. Definitely the nicest Wagas I’ve ever been to, I’m a bit in love.

Wagamama Noodle Lab, Soho

Wagamama Noodle Lab, SohoUnfortunately the bao I’d seen other vegans try out were no longer on the menu as each test item is only available for a limited time. Luckily we were still in time for katsu!

Wagamama Noodle Lab, Soho

I found it quite salty, but it’s okay, it’s not the finished article and they encourage you to give honest feedback.

We also got the vegetable tempura which was amazing.

Wagamama Noodle Lab, Soho

And some gyoza (from the standard menu) just because.

Wagamama Noodle Lab, SohoAt the end of your meal you are given a tablet on which to give your honest but fair feedback, with a smile obviously.

Wagamama Noodle Lab, Soho

Such a great concept and any chain restaurant that takes vegan menus seriously get the thumbs up from us. Quite frankly I can’t see myself eating at any other branch of Wagamama’s again, yep Noodle Lab for life now AND rumour has it there will be an all vegan test menu coming soon plus a Cook Daily takeover!

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