New York, USA

New York, USA

It’s been and gone, that annual visit to the old USA to visit the fam. It was a bit of a whirlwind tour, being half term we didn’t have as long as we would have liked. Herewith is details of foodage for the 4.5 days we spent in New York before jumping on Amtrax and heading to New Jersey.

First things first for Mr Ikeda – pancakes. Sadly for me whilst Nautilus Diner (can I just say I love independent diners, especially bedecked in Halloween regalia) had much tooting of the gf horn, they are yet to add vegan pancakes to their menu. However, they had avocados (the hummus of the naughties).

Nautilius Diner, Larchmont, USA

{ It’s Halloween y’all }

Nautilius Diner, Larchmont, USA{ And a very generously filled avo toast sandwich it was }

We had family dinner from Jade Spoon one evening featuring udon noodles, asparagus, dumplings and tofu.

Jade Spoon, Scarsdale, USA { They’re only noodles, Michael }

We managed one trip into Manhattan heading straight to Chelsea Market for some Beyond Sushi action. The Market was crazy busy so we struggled to find seating, but it was all out Halloween decor in there. Beyond Sushi has always been on my list of places to visit in NY, it was almost too much choice from me to choose from, each serving of sushi came with a cool little squeezy tube of sauce to go on top.

Beyond Sushi, Chelsea Market, NY, USA{ Mighty Mushroom }

Beyond Sushi, Chelsea Market, NY, USA{ Green Machine }

Beyond Sushi, Chelsea Market, NY, USA{ The Badge dumplings }

Fuelled up we took to The High Line, I can’t believe all the time we’ve been coming here and I had no idea about this amazing place. It’s basically an old railway line that has been requisitioned as a walkway, every year they add another section, currently it goes from the Meatpacking District to the Hudson, it’s not actually that far and we walked the whole thing.



Back in the suburbs and more family time visiting 101 year old (yes really) Grandpa, we had lunch with him at his care home. The split pea soup was already vegan and also the hummus plate, not wildly exciting but it was something right?!

Willow Tower, New Rochelle, USA

Willow Tower, New Rochelle, USA

Last family dinner with the NY clan was at Encore Bistro, which we’ve been to before so I was looking forward to it. Sadly even though they were notified at the time of booking a vegan would be in the house I was only served up some fried vegetables. I guess it really depends on the chef and it’s been 5 years since the last visit.

Encore Bistro Francais, Larchmont, USA

Of course, no trip to USA is complete without WFM.

Whilst we’re not doing too badly in terms of choice in London I still look forward to checking out what’s new and happening as well as hooking up with products and brands that are yet to cross the pond.

Behold the freezer of dreams:

Whole Foods Market, Port Chester, USA {Where all your ice cream dreams come true }

Whole Foods Market, Port Chester, USA

P12800Whole Foods Market, Port Chester, USA

{ Disappointed though to not see as much Kite Hill and Miyoko’s Kitchen as I would have liked }

Whole Foods Market, Port Chester, USA { Got almond milk }

It also proved to be just the place to pick up some lunch for the train journey to NJ.

Whole Foods Market, Port Chester, USA { Kimchi }

Whole Foods Market, Port Chester, USAWhole Foods Market, Port Chester, USA

Whole Foods Market, Port Chester, USA { Chilli tofu }

Whole Foods Market, Port Chester, USA { Kale salad }

Whole Foods Market, Port Chester, USA

Whole Foods Market, Port Chester, USA

NJ coming up next!

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