New Jersey, USA

New Jersey, USA

First meal of a short but sweet stay with family in New Jersey was a Beyond Burger I picked up at Wholefoods.

Whole Foods Market, Port Chester, USA

They are properly meaty looking and even Mr Ikeda who I made take a taste said it was pretty decent for a vegan burger.

Of course, some shopping had to be done, Wegmans has a ton of vegan options – cheeses, frozen etc I even managed to bag my self a bottle of vegan Baileys, although I had to return with my uncle-in-law to purchase it as they wouldn’t sell it to me without ID. *rolls eyes*

Wegmans, Princeton, NJ, USA

I also got some vegan pizzas, one Daiya and one Tofurky they were both gluten-free, they were okayish straight out of the oven, but when I attempted to eat the leftovers cold the next day I really struggled.

Wegmans, Princeton, NJ, USAWegmans, Princeton, NJ, USA {Daiya pepperoni pizza }

Wegmans, Princeton, NJ, USA {Tofurky barbecue chick’n pizza }

My most favourite meal of all was from Roots, somehow everyone thought I would like it 🙂 I had the kimchi fried rice with veggies and tofu and the leftovers made an amazing breakfast.

Roots, Princeton, NJ, USA

The last family meal was at Longhorn Steakhouse, I’m sure you can see where this is going…

Longhorn Steakhouse, Princeton, NY, USA { Tadaa – salad and chips }

See you next year USA…?

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New Jersey, USA

4th August 2012 For the second half of our holiday we hopped on a train bound for some New Jersey hospitality with the other half of the Ikeda family.

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