Christmas Sarnie

Christmas Sarnie

Yep it’s that time – red cups and Christmas sandwiches. Remember when that first sandwich chain graciously bestowed on us a vegan Christmas sandwich? Welcome to 2017 now they are all at it.

I really enjoyed Prets baguette last year, but this year they have switched to sliced bread. Therefore my first Christmas sandwich of choice has been Leon. A flat bread with falafel  (haha see below, in their defence, they have jazzed it up), pine nuts (♥) and VEGAN MAYO. This may or may not have been the deciding factor in which ‘Christmasy’ ‘sandwich’ had the pleasure of passing my lips first. I was not so impressed with the M&S, glad to see money is going to charity but it was too sweet for my old taste buds.

M&S Christmas Wrap

If you are interested in the full list of options our pal Plumes worked her way through them all. It’s for the animals man. 😉

The whole vegan sandwich scene is coming along nicely with most coffee shops, food chains, and the odd supermarket departing from the token falafel option. It’s great to see their food developmentists (did I make that up? I would totally like to have that job) branching out with flavours, ingredients and using their imagination. There is nothing worse than a chef throwing a plate of salad at you, come on man, I thought you loved food?! This is what you do! Please take that opportunity to show us what amazingness you can come up with.

Getting in on the game are Boots, Tesco, Pret, Eat, Leon, M&S, Crussh, most of which have a limited edition Christmas option too.

Whilst we have your attention, we also want to mention Mooshies are on vegan Christmas level 10 right now as they have added a vegan Christmas burger to their menu!! What a time to be alive.

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