What do Vegans Eat?

What do Vegans Eat?

Wondering what vegans actually eat? Are we as deprived as people may think? Well worry your pretty head about it no more. There really aren’t that many things that don’t have a vegan alternative nowadays. We can enjoy vegan versions of burgers, pizzas, meringues, caviar, cheese, eggs, cakes (obvs), sushi, pies, sausage rolls, bahn mi, croissants, cream, condensed milk, fish fingers. We could go on and on but we’re making ourselves hungry!

Simple is also good, whilst there is a wealth of vegan substitutes out there, THV like to keep it old school on occasion and we are not afraid to live up to the hype, sometimes veggies, lentils or tofu (or all three!) are just the ticket. Heck we have even been known to partake in a green smoothie every now and again.

The sections below cover how to make sure you are getting what you need to stay healthy and some tips on how to make meals for yourself and dining out.


A varied vegan diet that is rich in whole-foods is a highly nutritious way of eating. Even though more and more people are now adopting a vegan diet, misconceptions about…

Eating out

As a vegan it is not impossible to still enjoy the pleasures of eating out, you may require some phoning ahead (or checking of websites), and you may not be…

Vegan Kitchen

SHOPPING Becoming vegan in one step needn’t be difficult, for example, you can switch straight to plant-based milk from cow’s and the same with yoghurts, cream, custard and cheese. These…

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