Pomodoro Christmas Dinner 2017

Pomodoro Christmas Dinner 2017

I have been eating Pomo food a few years now, but 2017 was the first year I got to experience a supper club and an Italian Christmas dinner no less. 

As well as Sash, I mangaged to round up a couple of other friends to come along, which wasn’t hard at all :). Now Sara’s annual dinner is notorious for it’s huge portion sizes, stretchy pants donned we were ready for action!

There were five courses, as always, all hand made by Sara and accompanied with the most heart warming stories of their origins. We were treated to some traditional Italian dishes, all with a personal histories attached to them.

Pomo Cenone di Natale

Bread, check! Pasta, check!  Seitan, check!  Sit back, loosen your belt, here we go.

Pomo Cenone di Natale

 { Just a baked brie lounging nonchalantly in a bed of rosemary bed }

Pomo Cenone di Natale { Sara and her crown, I feel like she might be telling me off here, it’s quite possible 😀 }

Pomo Cenone di Natale{ All plated up and ready for consumption }

Next up the soup course – anolini in brodo.

Pomo Cenone di Natale{ The soup that changed everything }

This was a veganised recipe belonging to Sara’s Grandmother. Those soft melt in the mouth mini ravioli were filled with cheese and that amazing flavourful broth had been slow cooked for hours. This was hands down the highlight of the entire meal for me, looking at it now it’s quite possible this is the wonton soup hole being filled that I have been missing since I went vegan.

Pomo Cenone di Natale

Then on to the main event, a stuffed seitan roast filled with cheese (yes more cheese ♥) and rainbow chard plus all the trimmings. This was a regional dish which I believe Sara said is served or made differently in the two regions her parents are from.

Pomo Cenone di Natale

Pomo Cenone di Natale

Pomo Cenone di Natale

And then dessert. No one was laughing at me for having brought Tupperware at this point!

Pomo Cenone di Natale

Pomo Cenone di Natale { Toasted pandoro slices with coconut cream }

Sara is very passionate about her food, the love that goes into all her food is so clearly apparent. Sadly it’s a year wait for the next Christmas dinner but you can find Sara at The Boiler House on Brick Lane most weekends and at vegan festivals, she also does pasta and cheese making classes so you can attempt to pick up some of her amazing skills.

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