The Rise of the Donut

The Rise of the Donut

This is going to be another one of those ‘I remember when’ posts of which this year, in particular, has happened quite A LOT. Not just because I’m getting old(er) but 2017 has seen veganism blow up like never before. Just so you know, I’m classified as Old Skool Vegan now so expect misty-eyed reminiscence often. Here it comes…

I remember when… we had to make our own doughnuts. Vegan doughnuts were pretty much unheard of (as far as I can recall) and in the old days Sash was a pretty mean doughnut maker. We had them on the THV stall at one vegan festival and you never saw anything sell out so fast.

Making the donutsGlazed Donuts { Glazed donuts }

The US had a doughnut shop of dreams called Dunwell Donuts in Brooklyn where you can find all sorts of amazing flavours and pair with ice cream for a donut sundae.

Dunwell Doughnuts, Brooklyn

In more recent years vegan doughnuts have slowly been creeping back on the scene with vegan stallholders and online vegan bakeries offering that deep-fried sugariness (we’re not talking about baked here so don’t even go there).

Pomodoro E Basilico, Primrose Hill Festival
{ Flashback to Pomo doughnuts at Primrose Hill Festival }

Peanut Butter Bakery

{ Temple of Bacun (Peanut Butter Bakery & Temple of Seitan collab doughnut) – yes it was flipping amazing }

Peanut Butter Bakery, The Boiler House, Brick Lane

{ Dough Society (previously Peanut Butter Bakery) who have a shop opening in Hackney in January 2018!! }

2017 however, has seen 2 doughnut purveyors introducing vegan lines. First Crosstown Doughnuts (currently 5 vegan flavours, of which 2 are available in rotation Fri to Sun) in May, followed by Doughnut Time who launched in the UK in November bringing with them several vegan flavours. Refreshingly just as much time and thought has been taken with the vegan flavours. These places are a little pricey, but in most cases you’re paying for all the bells and whistles, fancy ingredients etc.

Crosstown Donuts, Shoreditch { Yuzu and matcha resting on top of a vanilla glaze }

Doughnut Town, Old Street

Doughnut Town, Old Street{ L-R clockwise Pump of the Jam, All the Jingle Ladies, Jolly AF (highly recommend this one), Sia Later }

If you want a more simple doughnut certain supermarkets (Morrisons and Coop) are offering up some alternatives, but like I need to tell you – always check in store as ingredients and recipes may change over time.


Coop donuts{ Coop £1 for bag of 5 doughnuts available in jam or custard }

Wonder how long it will be before Krispy Kreme follow suit eh?! :p

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