Hackney Down with the Vegans

Hackney Down with the Vegans

Lucky old Hackney has two vegan markets. And lucky me I got to check both out this weekend with some Insta lovelies Lucy, Sally, Erika and Sara. But wait, there is MORE luck. I entered a competition to win a totally new Greedy Khao dish and won!!

Hackney Downs Vegan Market

Braving the cold we headed down to Hackney Downs Vegan Market to pick up our prize.

Hackney Downs Vegan Market{ Greedy Khao Thai crispy fried chik’n }

Holy Moly, it was good! The crispy ‘skin’ was amazing and had that distinct fatty skin texture, I realise this is not a vegan-friendly description at all but trust me it was ah-mazing.

Hackney Downs Vegan Market They also gave us a sample of their Massaman curry (I’m so in love with them now) which was delicious, obviously. I had my first taste of their food at Kerb event last year so I knew their food was spot on. Greedy Khao are fast becoming my one to watch in 2018. Hackney Downs Vegan Market My other highlights were the Hell.Yum! salted caramel and chocolate cookie I took home for Mr Ikeda and… Hackney Downs Vegan Market

…the buffalo mac from Temple of Seitan.

Hackney Downs Vegan Market

But oh no, we didn’t stop there. We added dishes from many of the other vendors, most of whom I’ve had the pleasure of sampling before, to our vegan picnic.

Hackney Downs Vegan Market{ Big V London }

Hackney Downs Vegan Market{ Young Vegans – all day breakfast pie }

Hackney Downs Vegan Market {Vegan Delice }

Hackney Downs Vegan Market { Cafe SoVegan – seitan quesadilla }

Now if like for me it’s a bit of a hike to get down to Hackney, it might be worth your while checking out the other vegan market which is about a 30 minute walk (probably quicker if you don’t have to keep a four year olds pace) down by London Fields. So that’s what we did, it’s a slightly smaller market but with a good variety of stallholders.   Broadway Vegan Market
Broadway Vegan Market
By this time we all had had a fair amount to eat (including a pit stop for a Crosstown Doughnuts en route, yes really!! We also spotted other vegan options at Broadway Market so keep em peeled) so I ended up just getting a half burrito from Ima to take home for later. Typically I wished I had got a full one after I ate it 🙂

Broadway Vegan Market Broadway Vegan Market{ Katsu cauliflower burrito }

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