Review: Who Gives a Crap

Review: Who Gives a Crap

I used to be super conscious of trying to be the most ethical I could be, but since having another child and working hard the last few years, I have felt like they have gone past in a blur and I’ve been more concerned about getting things done rather than how I could do them better. I have never been one to choose to do something just because someone tells me that is the better choice, I like to research and research takes time. My kind of unofficial New Year’s Resolution (as I actually see it as more of a moto for life going forward) has been to spend less and give more, so I just had to investigate Who Gives a Crap further. Untitled Yes, it is toilet paper. A necessity but not necessarily something you would think of as being able to contribute to a humanitarian cause. Typically I preferred to buy recycled toilet paper and kitchen roll but as circumstances have changed (I no longer do the majority of household shopping – and that’s not a complaint!) we have reverted to a certain well-known brand. It is time for me to take charge of the purse strings again, take them savvily and seek out ways to support who I can in the process.

Who Gives a Crap { Giving a crap and keep it cute }

Who Gives a Crap

{ 😳 }

I have started off with a one time purchase to make sure certain people in the family were happy with the softness on their derriere before making the switch. As well as being recycled they also don’t add any inks, dyes or scents which can only be better for us and the planet. AND the rolls don’t come wrapped in plastic. Instead, they come individually wrapped in the prettiest patterned paper. 😎 All wonderful right? But it doesn’t stop there, their true USP is they donate 50% of their profits to providing toilets and sanitation to developing countries by working with charities like Water Aid. Got me sold right there bro.

Who Gives a Crap The paper itself is not as soft as our regular brand, but you know what, I can live with it. Oh and did I mention it’s actually cheaper, so yeah spend less, give more. Job done 🙂 Who Gives a Crap Being ethical is not easy, I find I am being faced with dilemmas more regularly – Yes it’s cruelty-free but what is the carbon footprint? Is it sustainable? Thankfully Who Gives a Crap are totally transparent about what goes into their products and where they are made. They are an Australian company, the toilet paper is produced in China and it is then sea-freighted over for distribution in the UK. Having read their very detailed FAQ, they clearly are trying to do their best to make the most environmentally friendly choices throughout every step of their supply chain and do something life changing for those who really need it at the same time.

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