Loves is back! A summary of things I have been loving recently:

Yum Bun. After trying them for the first time at Giant Robot in Canary Wharf, I sought them out in Spitalfields Market. Currently their crispy tofu bao is the only veganisable option they have but I’m praying hard that that will change.

Yum Bun, Spitalfields Market

Yum Bun, Spitalfields Market

Quorn. The chicken and smokey ham slices are finally in Sainsbury’s.


♥ Biff’s Jerk Shack. Nothing better than seeing a solid queue for vegan burgers in The City of London.


♥ Native Unearthed. I had a bit of a clear out of the bathroom cupboard recently and discovered a graveyard of half-used deodorants. I have never managed to find The One, but I recently purchased Native Unearthed and it seems to be doing the trick. I am also happy that it’s natural enough for my 9 year old to use (yes the hormones are kicking in and it makes me want to cry 😥 ) and got a lot of good feedback about them on Instagram.


♥ Bombay Central. They have a seperate vegan menu, I tried a few things – chilli tofu, veg Manchurian and chilli mogo. They did all taste a bit samey so wouldn’t get that combination again but TOFU at an Indian restaurant!!

Bombay Central, Harrow

♥ Manna. I always visit at least once a year but didn’t make it at all during 2017 *sad face*. This year already got one under the belt, fingers crossed will sneak in a couple more.


Manna, Primrose Hill { Nachos especiales }

♥ Pomo. This is a while back now but I was very lucky to receive some homemade croissants from Sara. They were dreamy and I miss them.

Pomodoro E Basilico
♥ Baking. After not really having any time to fit it in, I’ve started making time to bake again. And now realise just how much I’ve missed it and experimenting. This year I have joined in the Bake for Good initiative at work (employees bake at the weekend and the cakes are taken to shelters and charities on Monday morning), made 2 birthday cakes and perfected a caramel bundt recipe which has now been added to the baking section. More on playing around with homemade food colourings in an upcoming blog.

White chocolate caramel bundt cake

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