Paris, France Pt1

Paris, France Pt1

Last month I spent a whirlwind 48 hours in Paris and was surprised (yes even this old vegan can still be astounded) by how vegan-friendly it was. The last time I was in France was Euro Disney which you can read about here, but before that, I paid a visit when I was at university. About 20 years ago. Look how cute we are!

[ will insert photo here when I find it 🙂 ]

My travel partner for this trip is my very vegan-friendly pal Nashi who I met super early at Heathrow Terminal 5. Airports are pretty good these days to pick up vegan food, I was hoping to have the dragon roll from Itsu but no luck this time. Sandwich options were available at WH Smiths and Pret. I went for Boots new sandwich in the end, a little bit disappointing (I hear it is better warmed up) but then I did have my heart set on sushi 🙁 P1320573 1 hour later – Bon jour France! Another hour on the Metro and we dropped off our bags at the hotel before hunting out some lunch. Our hotel was luckily right next to a Naturalia – a chain of health food shops all over Paris. I picked up a sourdough baguette and some vegan cream cheese, I know how French of me. It was delicious. P1320576 P1320578 We ate this on the station platform because we were heading off to Versailles, to visit the modest abode of the last queen of France. P1320596

{ Madame Victoire’s Bedchamber }

P1320617 { The Hercules Room }

P1320640{ The Hall of Mirrors }

P1320665 { Bassin de la Pyramide }

P1320670 { Dragon Fountain }

P1320699 { The Queen’s Hamlet }

Back on the train, we hoped to catch a sight of a glittery Eiffel Tower, alas lighter evenings meant it was not meant to be. But it was still beautiful.   P1320706 No fixed dinner plans so we decided just to take a stroll down the street and see what we could find. The first two places we looked at had vegan options, one was a labelled vegan salad other was a veganisable burger. I think we all know which one I went for. The cute cafe sealed the deal.

P1320732 { Castel Cafe }

P1320739 Day one complete, we headed back to the hotel and made plans for a more relaxed tour of the city centre.

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