Paris, France Pt2

Paris, France Pt2

We slept pretty well which was not surprising considering all the travelling we had done the day before. Alas, we came to our final day in Paris and would be flying home that evening, but not before we had a wander around the city trying to get in as many sights as we could but in a totally leisurely moochy way 🙂 And so we had one thing on our minds – brunch! As my terrible luck would have it, most of the vegan cafes and cake shops I had on my list were shut on Monday *face palm*. But Cloud Cakes to the rescue! Unfortunately, we missed breakfast so we had 40 mins to kill till they reverted to their lunch menu. We hung out in vegan-friendly Exki (all items clearly marked and spotted many stores elsewhere including the airport) where I picked up a vegan brioche – which has reminded me it’s still in my freezer! P1320781 P1320767 Back at Cloud Cakes I went for their buddha bowl filled with all kinds of goodness – roasted veg, chickpeas, crispy kale and some heavenly humous dressing. It really was the sweetest little cafe. Obviously, we had to try some cake and it would have been rude not to take a croissant for later – it’s Paris people!!

P1320774{ White chocolate and matcha cupcake }

P1320779 { I might have cried if I didn’t see a single vegan croissant the entire trip }

Fuelled up time for sight seeing 😉

P1320797{ Louvre }

P1320807{ River Seine }

P1320815{ Notre Dame }

P1320833 Pitstop for a crepe at the Pantheon. You can find buckwheat pancakes (or galettes) in most creperies but watch out for butter and honey. Having used up our allotted touring time, we headed back into town for one last stop before heading off to the airport. P1320875 { Never fly on an empty stomach 😉 }P1320870 P1320862 P1320863

Was so great to see Hank Burger (which is an all vegan) decently busy pretty early and really this finally drilled into my head what a great place Paris is for vegans.

P1320876 (Adieu Paris 🙁 }

Hoping I will be back well before another 20 years has passed. Check out more photos

Check out more photos here.

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