There sure is a vevolution going on, this year is STILL knocking out those new vegan products, places and events. Although they have been around since 2016, a few months ago I attended couple of Vevolution‘s ‘topics’ for the first time.

If you’re not familiar with them they organise talks from inspirational speakers about different subjects which are all plant power based. It is kind of like your normal vegan festival expect the focus is reversed and on the guest speakers rather than the vegan vendors and merchandise. But if you are thinking of going to one, don’t worry you will get fed (get there early if you want to avoid the queues)!

The two topics I attended with my vegan mistress Mel were Food Innovation and Health and Wellbeing. Guest speakers on the two separate events featured Kinda Co‘s Ellie Brown, Derek Sarno of Tesco Wicked Kitchen, Timothy Shieff and also introduced me to some new entrepreneurs.

P1310090 P1310092 P1310110 P1330209

Some of the things we happily munched away on before the main events: Imao, Jakes Vegan Steaks, Happy Maki, Vegals, Vida Bakery and we always managed to get a tasty cocktail as well. Food caterers change but are always listed ahead of the event because people like me need to know what I’m eating weeks in advance. 😀


 { Imao } P1310082

{ Jake’s Vegan Steaks } P1330171

{ Happy Maki } P1330221

{ Vegals } P1330182

{ Nix and Kix }P1330186

Now at your usual vegan festivals, I am never usually able to attend the talks because a) my kids are with me b) I like to get in and out of them things asap to avoid the crowds. I really enjoyed listening to other vegans talking about their experiences and their journey towards veganism. In Food and Innovation talks one thing that was really emphasised was the hard work involved in setting up a food business and also the undying commitment and enthusiasm about vegan food. Plus the devotion to changing the perception of vegan food – yes it is delicious, accessible and you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy it. Damien and Judy have created a great platform to enable like-minded individuals to share and enjoy this  amazing vegan journey we are all on together. Also it’s a perfect spot for some Inst celeb spotting! 😎

They have one more topic for this year next month, so get a ticket, grab a steak, sit back and prepared to be awed by all the amazing vegans out there championing the cause.

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