New York, USA

New York, USA

Back in July we spent a few days in New York. We had one day in Manhattan whilst the remainder of time was spent in Larchmont. First off – can we just give a round of applause for coconut yogurt on a British Airways flight?! P1340607 Whilst Larchmont currently has no vegan establishments, there were plenty of vegan options (even if that meant just salad which I actually don’t mind eating a lot of in the heat) and there is a Trader Joes and Wholefoods Market nearby.

Bradley's, Bradley's Desserts & Cafe, Larchmont, New York{ Avo toast at Bradley’s Desserts and Cafe }

Bradley's, Bradley's Desserts & Cafe, Larchmont, New York { Artichoke wrap at Bradley’s Desserts and Cafe }

City Limit's Diner, White Plains, New York { Spinach and endive salad (hold the cheese!) at City Limit’s Diner }

Coromandel, New Rochelle, New York

{ Masala dosa (this was SO good) at Coromandel }

Nautilus Diner, Larchmont, New York

{ Nautilus Diner didn’t mind me bringing my own cream cheese in, well it was The Miyoko }

  Cava, New York

{ Super greens, falafel, hummus, harissa, lemon herb tahini at Cava }

California Pizza Kitchen, New York

{ California veggie at California Pizza Kitchen (who are yet to discover vegan cheese) }

California Pizza Kitchen, New York{ White corn guacamole and chips at California Pizza Kitchen }

During out few hours in Manhattan we managed to squeeze in a bike ride round Central Park, a cocktail with a view and get mama some vegan food. 😛

P1340724 { View from The Roof bar at Viceroy Hotel }

P1340765 { Times Square }

P1340720 { Central Park }

Was not overly excited by my last trip to Beyond Sushi, but we literally just happened to be in the neighbourhood and I was starving and I have to say I enjoyed it so much!! Beyond Sushi, New York

{ Piece Sampler } Beyond Sushi, 56th Street, New York { Fun-guy gyoza }

No photo of the Impossible Burger at Unami located in the Hudson Hotel as the lighting was horrendous. Hotel and restaurant however very photogenic. Watch out as the burger comes with cheese and non vegan sauce (why you wanna make the vegans angry???) and although I referred to the ingredients for the sauces on a board at the counter as instructed by staff, I ended up having the Unami ketchup which I read somewhere after (and helpfully now can’t find) that it actually has anchovies in it. Or does it???



As always too short a visit but the perfect amuse bouche for the upcoming foodie-cation with Sash in a couple of months 🙂

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