City Vegan Lunch Market, Guildhall Yard

City Vegan Lunch Market, Guildhall Yard

I have blogged about the vegan options in the City before, we have and continue to have our fair share of decent options but we’re still lacking a totally vegan establishment. However, vegan market we can now cross off the list!

I’ve been to the Guildhall Yard market a few times before and there has always been a vegan presence, but after 10 years of working in London it was with great excitement I saw the entire market was to be taken over by vegan businesses – the City Vegan Lunch Market had arrived.

The Guildhall is literally on my door step and I’ve been waiting a decade for this (!) so there was no way I was not going and Plumes came along for the ride.

The first thing that caught my eye was some fresh noodles being prepared. It was super hot that day so cold noodles were definitely calling.


City Vegan Lunch Market{ Fussy Chilesaurus cool and refreshing cold noodles }

City Vegan Lunch Market { Black sesame and raspberry ripple }

In that weather, Black Milq obviously! I can’t tell you how smug I felt walking back to the office with this.

There were a few other stalls I’d never tried before so I took the opportunity to also pick up some food for later.

City Vegan Lunch Market { Protein Punch }

I have wanted to try out Picky Wops for a ages and there they were! Which only leads me to believe if you wait for something long enough it will eventually come to you. 😆

City Vegan Lunch Market { Bear’s Dough latte icing and ginger crumb doughnut }

The market seemed just as busy as it was usually and some big old queues started to form, this was amazing to see and it was such a great opportunity to introduce city workers to vegan food.

Through my skills with slack blogging I have managed to time this post with the launch of ANOTHER city market tomorrow. Kicking off in Devonshore Square this week is Kerb Meatless Market which will run weekly Wednesday to Friday. Not 100% vegan (but quite frankly it’s only a matter of time right?? 😛 ) they have 6 plant based traders listed, no doubt the others will have vegan options. Catch you there?!





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