Yo Sushi School

Yo Sushi School

Sushi school? But Mitsu surely you already know how to make immaculate sushi?? Sorry to ruin your preconceived assumptions, unfortunately my sushi rolls are not as perfect as I’d like them to be despite my mum showing me numerous times. Perhaps it’s like learning to drive, never teach your children?

Luckily for me the social committee at work organised an evening of sushi making at local branch of Yo Sushi.

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Once settled in our our amazing teach Michal got technical. I picked up a lot of tips AND I got to learn inside out rolls which my mum has never shown me. Oh yes, the student becomes the teacher 😉


So we started off simple, a standard cucumber and sesame seed roll – which should be square and not round as you might presume.



P1370352{ Squarish… }

Then an inside out roll filled with inari, cucumber and spiralised carrot, zhoosed up with some Japanese chilli pepper (are you counting – that’s 2 vegan rolls in the class as standard so far). This one felt like such an accomplishment 😎


Mini break to admire/eat what we had made so far. Trust me this was a welcomed hugely as it all smelled so darn delicious.


Then on to nigiri, the veggie option was avocado and then we all where shown how to fill the inari pockets (another vegan item for everyone!).



P1370389{ Sweet tofu that to my surprise some people found weird 😕 }

A little fancy folding for temaki – vegan option filled with avocado and inari.



And then one last final super roll filled with pumpkin croquette, avo and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

P1370400 { Behold, golden pumpkin croquette }


They give you a container to take home anything you don’t manage to eat, which I was very smug about presenting to mother.

This was a really fun and educational night AND you get to eat, hat trick mate! They have a really vegan friendly menu at the moment so even if you don’t fancy the class you should definitely head down there for some tofu katsu curry pronto.



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