2018 Retrospective

2018 Retrospective

Well, well, WELL. What a year for veganism 2018 has been. Veganuary 2018 drove us headfirst into a year of amazing new vegan products (including Supermarket own and non-vegan brands), restaurants, vegan menus and all vegan markets that were pretty much consistently spewed out over the 12 months. If this year is anything to go by, 2019 is going to be a corker.

Yes, I have been slack with my blogging again but quite frankly I can’t keep up with all this damn choice now. Find me over on Instagram if you want a more real-time experience of my vegan eats, otherwise below are a few highlights that if I don’t mention now, I may never get round to blogging around them because I’m to darn busy eating all the vegan food 😉

Bailey’s pop up. I think we can safely say veganism has arrived when Bailey’s has a vegan option at their annual Christmas pop-up.


♥ Wasabi finally made their tofu curry vegan. It really is the little things that make me happy 😆


♥ Vegan Magnums ❗

Vegan Magnum

♥ Frankie and Benny’s bottomless vegan nuggets. They really get us 😥

P1370873 Frankie & Benny's, South Ruislip

{ And their burgers good too }

Now Pomodoro E Basilico can be found at London Farmers Markets one of which is doable in my lunch break 😮

Pomodoro, Farmers Market, Bloomsbury

Phungkay Christmas dinner. The annual meal tradition is still going, this year instead of Manna I took my girls for a vegan Chinese feast. Looking forward to eating more their food in 2019.


{ Hoisin duck and yam in netted roll }


{ Pi pa tofu and sage stuffing in a fried potato bryd’s nest }

Saturday night Supermarket pizza parties. Being able to buy vegan pizzas with vegan cheese at Waitrose, Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys.

Oumph pizza

{ Oomph }

Pizza Express frozen pizza

{ Pizza Express }

Whole Creations roasted tomato & basil cheesy pizza

{Whole Creations }

One Pizza Planet{ Pizza Planet }

Asda pizza

{ Asda }

Eat Chay at Boxpark Shoreditch. Cookdaily may have moved on, but Eat Chay and Biff’s Jerk Shack have moved in!

Kerb Meatless Market, The City{ Kimchi fried rice }


{ All the bao }

Vegan croissants at Planet Organic, sweet and savoury!!

Planet Organic croissant

Planet Organic, Devonshire Square

With the risk of this turning into a reel of everything I’ve eaten this year, I will make myself stop here 😳 Standing by for 2019!

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