Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

I had a short and sweet visit over to Cape Town back in January, whilst the main purpose was work I manged to stop in on a few of my old favourites and found some new ones.


Balducci’s is located in at the Waterfront and has a huge vegan menu. I have never been before so the vast selection was a little overwhelming – the menu includes pizza, pasta, curry, wraps, salad and a good selection of dessert.

I went for the sushi platter, which in hindsight was a little foolish since I’m quite fussy about my rice. Perfectly edible but not overly exciting.

Balducci's, Cape Town

{ Balducci’s sushi vegetable platter }

Col’Cacchio is close to the office and accommodation so it’s a pretty safe bet I will eat here at least once every trip – yay for hotel room picnics. They have a decent vegan selection of pizza, salad and pasta plus they have vegan cheese. I went for a half and half, because why try one pizza when you can try two?! The cosi verde – vegan cheese, broccoli, edamame beans, vegan basil pesto, spring onion, black pepper was especially good.

Col'Cacchio, Cape Town

{ Col’Cacchio half cosi verde, half zucca } 

Plant is a 100% vegan cafe that I also visit every time I am in town. I took a few colleagues with me (one veggie, and 2 carnis) and it made me so happy that they all enjoyed their food too.

I had the breakfast wrap filled with cauliflower breakfast scramble and tempeh. The training of myself to like tempeh is still on going albeit slowly 😀

Plant, Cape Town

{ Plant breakfast wrap }

Plant, Cape Town

{ Plant hugest plate of spag bol I have ever seen in my life and every last bite got eaten! }

A new favourite spot is Lekker Vegan. They do vegan junk food and make a glorious sandwich called the Gatsby’s filled with beef strips, chips, vegan cheese, Lekker spicy sauce, lettuce, tom, red onion and jalepinos. I am pretty sure that they use Fry’s products and whilst usually a restaurant not making their own burgers etc would lose a couple of brownie points with me, they aren’t just slinging a ready made burger in between some bun slices. They really are going all out to make the most of it.

Lekka Vegan, Cape Town

{ Lekker Vegan – BEHOLD The beef Gatsby’s. This monster fed 3 of us }

Lekker Vegan, Cape Town

{ Lekker Vegan chick’n bunini. I managed to visit both their locations :)}

Untitled{ I liked it so much I bought the t-shirt 😛 }

I finally made it to Addis an Ethiopian I have always wanted to try. The restaurant is really cute and staff super friendly but food wise London Ethiopian’s have the edge.


Addis, Cape Town{ Addis – loved this crispy injera, never had anything like it before }

Addis, Cape Town{ Addis – teff injera }

There was a two day team building at 2 different venues, catering wise it can be a but hit and miss. The first day was not that great and I almost ended up with nothing. Day two I was really taken care of and given some tasty, really pretty plates of food.


UntitledCellars Hohenort }

UntitledCellars Hohenort }

Lastly, didn’t do too badly at the airport an avo and mushroom wrap filled the whole before boarding an evening flight where I managed to sleep a little and so missed the evening in flight meal.


Untitled { Dulce Cafe – FYI service was really awful }

Breakfast I was ready for and pleased to see it was the same as I’d had on the way out. Would happily have this instead of what is (usually or sometimes not!) served. Proof that you really can’t go wrong with hashbrown, mushrooms, beans, toms and spinach.

Untitled{ British Airways – terrible, terrible photo of a good breakfast }

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