Protaras, Cyprus

Protaras, Cyprus

Yaisou! Earlier this month the family and I took a mini trip to Cyprus in search of sun and some memories. In our younger days Mr Ikeda and I paid a visit or two to Aiya Nappa and aside from the clubbing we still remembered the amazing beaches we used to hop on our moped to visit. 

We picked an Airbnb in Protaras one of our favourite beach spots and very close to Fig Tree Bay which was another. It being Winter season still, it was pretty much a ghost town and all hotels, bars and restaurants shut until April. On more than one occasion we had to resort to Mcdonald’s for dinner 😕

Unlike my trips usually 😛 this was not about the food and about the location. We did plenty of exploring and spent every day at the beach, sometimes having whole strips of it to ourselves.

IMG_0448{ Sunrise Beach }

IMG_0194{ Mimosa Beach }

IMG_0233 { Fig Tree Bay }

P1390462{ Nissi Beach }

And cats! Everywhere. There is a huge feral cat population which certainly made walking down the promenade a lengthy process as we had to talk to all of them =^-^=




Eventually, we did manage to work out where to go to find places open; Paralimni the next town up was a bit more lively and also within our area certain restaurants and bars do remain open during the winter season – you just need to know which ones they are! Do not rely on Googlemaps to tell if you somewhere is open this does not take into account seasonal closures. Supermarkets were open (phew!) so we were able to stock up for breakfast and lunch at the apartment although there was a dreadful lack of hummus and yet plenty of vegan cheese. How the world has turned!

P1390532{ Starbucks coming to my rescue }

P1390446{ Papa’s Fish and Chips veggie burger}

P1390520La Cultura Del Gusto beetroot ravioli }

I thought I would be living on salad, hummus, olives and pitta but it turns out (to my disappointment) we didn’t find anywhere that served it till the last day…

IMG_0467{ Nameless Bar salad, hummus and pitta. Finally }

We did also make it to Aiya Nappa. As classy as I remember 😎




Once we got over the initial shock of Winter shutdown I actually would consider travel off-peak again, I certainly didn’t miss the crowds but I might have to bring my own hummus with me!

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