M&S Plant Kitchen

M&S Plant Kitchen

Following on from Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen range, Marks and Spencer’s upped their vegan game and launched a whole new range of plant based meals and food items back in January.

I have slowly been making my way through the vast array, I have particular favourites, some I was not so fond of, but one thing is for sure, really appreciating all the effort.

♥ Cashew Mac

I still don’t know if this is meant to be their mac and cheese as I have seen another macaroni pasta dish they do floating around. I didn’t find this one cheesy but the mushrooms really come through. For me though Waitrose vegan carbonara is still the one to beat.

M&S Plant Kitchen cashew mac

♥ Pizza

I have tried both the vegan Margherita and the BBQ jackfruit. I’m not sure when we stopped eating round pizzas, but loving the new thing for sourdough pizza bases. Would definitely indulge in these again and they are handy to have in the freezer.

M&S Plant Kitchen Margherita

M&S Plant Kitchen barbecue pulled jackfruit pizza

♥ Cauliflower popcorn bites

I had high hopes for these, they were too greasy and the cauliflower was soggy, but in their defence I had them frozen beforehand.

M&S Plant Kitchen cauliflower popcorn

♥ Nutty super wholefood salad

I really enjoyed this, the combination of the textures and the flavours from the hummus and the soya and ginger dressing. However, for me it was more of a snack and not a lunch to have if you’re particularly hungry. As I am. Every day.


♥ Roasted mushroom stroganoff

I wasn’t expecting to like this one as much as I did. I have had cauliflower rice before and it’s been a bit smooshy, but the cauliflower here had just the right amount of bite.


♥ Potato salad

Probably one of the two things I was most excited about in the range, and everything I dreamed it would be. Supermarket shelves have been crying out for a vegan version of this and…

M&S Plant Kitchen potato salad

♥ Coleslaw

YAY!!!!!!!!! They have done such a good job with their vegan coleslaw. I have made own in the past but it was never a perfect replica of the supermarket variety.  This is so creamy and goes with everything, honestly, I am hard pushed to make a tub stretch out to 2 days.

M&S Plant Kitchen coleslaw

♥ Mini burgers

Strictly not the Plan Kitchen range, but vegan and cute 🙂 (the burger sauce that came with these was spot on).

M&S vegan burgers

Sterling effort from M&S and there is still plenty more in the range to try. It really is a case of too much vegan food to do and too little time.

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