Brooklyn, USA

Brooklyn, USA

November last year the two happy vegans hit the road for a foodcation, we rarely meet these days only the odd lunch or dinner so it was nice to have a solid run of days to catch up and do what we do best. Eat!

We based ourselves in Brookyln which conveniently for us meant we got to visit some of our top spots more than once. Arriving too late on our first day we managed to pick up some crisps and a wrap from the deli around the corner for a hotel room picnic.

{ I need more dill pickle chips in my life }

 Our first official food stop was Dunwell. We ended up here twice as it was so local to us. These were the first proper vegan doughnuts I ever had and despite all the other offerings in London I still think these are one of the best.


P1380072 { when you arrive so early they haven’t even out the doughnuts out yet 😀 }


Our other top spot is Champs Diner. So good we also ended up here twice.


P1380174{ Champs Diner Early bird burrito }

P1380187{ Champs Diner Benedict }

P1380191{ Champs Diner French toast }

We also treated ourselves to a meal at Modern Love. Portion sizes are HUGE so be warned. We went in hard ordering starters and mains but I was full after my starter alone which is a massive plate of poutine (I think that they have since scaled down the fries).

P1380149{ Modern Love truffled poutine }

P1380144{ Modern Love tempeh stuffed avocado }

P1380156{ Modern Love grilled Caesar }

P1380154As we based ourselves in Brooklyn it means we travelled across the bridge a couple of times to head into Manhattan. A good way to build up an appetite 🙂 More on what we ate in New York coming up in part 2!




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