Pizza Pilgrims Pizza Class

Pizza Pilgrims Pizza Class

Last month I mosied on down to Pizza Pilgrims City branch with my work social committee for an evening of pizza education. First up we were taken through the background of the company; two brothers who travelled through Italy eating pizza (aka the pilgrimage which sounds like a dream to me!) and then brought everything they learned back to England. You can see more of this journey on their website. Pizza Pilgrims, Liverpool Street Then we were told about ingredients and the pizza making process began. We were all encouraged to stretch and shape the Neopolitan dough ourselves making our very own pizzas. Pizza Pilgrims, Liverpool Street Pizza Pilgrims, Liverpool Street As I was vegan I was offered some extra toppings to compensate for the absence of mozzarella – mushrooms, garlic, basil and oregano. Pizza Pilgrims, Liverpool Street Pizza Pilgrims, Liverpool Street Then the pizza was ready to hit the million-degree oven (okay I think it’s 500 degrees but the point is it’s HOT). Pizza Pilgrims, Liverpool Street This thing was cooked in mere minutes!

Included in the course was also 2 drinks – usually restricted to beer and wine but as they didn’t have any vegan options I was permitted spirits. The group was split in two so whilst one group is making their pizzas the other is brought some starters to share. There was one vegan option amongst them.

Pizza Pilgrims, Liverpool Street

{ Deep fried artichoke hearts }

Pizza Pilgrims, Liverpool Street There is also a dessert included in the price of the ticket – a Nutella ring which obviously I could not partake in (even if I had the room!), though I was offered an alternative of something which I can’t remember which leads me to believe it was either fruit or sorbet… Pizza Pilgrims, Liverpool Street A really great class if you enjoy getting hands-on and being in a working kitchen which I always find so fascinating. All the staff were so friendly and very accommodating towards me, but it would be even better if they had vegan items highlighted on the food and drinks menu. Oh and most importantly the pizza is good, even if I do so say myself. 😉

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