About two happy vegans

Mitsu and Sasha became two happy vegans in the autumn of 2007 after reading Skinny Bitch. Up to this point, Sasha had been a vegetarian for 16 years and Mitsu having been vegetarian on and off throughout her life, mostly didn’t eat meat, but felt massively guilty when she did.  This book helped them both get to a place they wanted to be…VEGAN.

Having never looked back on their old bad habits they have embraced their chosen lifestyle with a passion.  They were both certain that they still wanted to wear make up and fashionable clothes, have nice skin care, and eat really tasty food.  For them being vegan also includes being as green as possible, they love the environment.

They wanted the good life without anything having to suffer for them to have it, and that is what they have managed to achieve through product research, emailing and reading around.

One day they looked at ALL the information they had accumulated over time and thought why not put it out there on cyberspace for other vegans and vegans to be to benefit from. So that’s what they did.

Between 2009 and 2012 they could be found at markets, bake sales and vegan festivals promoting that happy vegan life selling vegan cakes (which in those days was a rarity). Still feeling there wasn’t enough vegan food available in the world they began hosting the THV Cake Fest in London and coordinating the UK Vegan Food Swap which connected vegans across the country.

Photo by Naomi Rose Westlake

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