Author: Sasha

A couple of coconut milk recipes…

18 September 2014 Coconut has never been my thing.  I have never enjoyed it and would swerve any coconut food, sweet or savory by a mile and a bit.

Throw it together muesli

17 September 2014 Are you like me?  You have 100’s of ingredients hanging out in your store cupboard that you bought with good intentions to use but with one thing and another (otherwise known as life), you never got around to using them up.

Shepherd's Pie

15 September 2014

Time for a recipe.  You know that I am a wing it, throw it together kinda cook….


Homemade (quick and easy) savoury goodies

14 September 2014 Vegans miss out.  You got to be kidding me!  Our food is better than ‘normal’. Why?  Because we have to use our imagination and creativity with unusual ingredients to create something orgasmic.

Asparagasm dinner review

11 September 2014 Asparagasm = fine dining for vegans.  It REALLY REALLY does.  OMG best dinner out I have had for awhile.

The Mighty Wrap

9 September 2014

Wraps, sandwiches why do they taste so good?  Take what you want, wrap it or sandwich it between 2 slices and KABOOOOOOOM! Something good becomes AWESOME!


Ho hum autumns here…

2 September 2014 It’s easy to get depressed at the end of summer and start of autumn.  The temperature drops, the rain starts and it must be noted that this year was a super summer, hot since June, Mediterranean temperatures.  My shorts and flip flops are worn out […]

Quick and easy mallow things…

27 August 2014 So there I was, in the fortunate position of having a lot of home made marshmallows to use up.

Marshmallow mix review

12 August 2014

It’s one of those things aren’t they, marshmallows, something we vegans can easily become obsessed with.  Why shouldn’t we be able to buy marshmallows that don’t cost the earth?


Redemption review

02 June 2014 I had a LOVELY evening out at Redemption alcohol free bar the other week. You know,  that pop up bar that has now found a permanent home at Goldfinger Factory, (tube: Westbourne Park).  It has been on our list for awhile now so […]