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December food swap

28 December 2013 Quick!  I must blog about my December food swap before the year ends…  This month has been a slow (or rather non existent) bog month for me. Good thing I have a reliable, wordy blogging partner who just… keeeeeps blogging (like SCD “keeeeeep […]

Animal Welfare Party

December 2013 The Animal Welfare Party is vision is of a fairer, more equitable and sustainable society for all and some of their key policies are to:

OMBAR chocolate review

05 December 2013

Would you like to review some OMBAR chocolate?

Is the sun yellow?  Is there a “d” in the day?  Is my name Sasha?  YES YES YES…. Yes please.


Winter warming FOOD

22 November 2013 There is one good thing about winter….  It’s the FOOD.  But then you know I was going to say that don’t you! Winter to me is all about gravy, mash potato, custard, hot chocolate (not all on one plate). Hot choc made […]

Cauliflower cheese

13 November 2013 If it’s growing in the garden then it will be picked and eaten….  (Only food obviously).

Cheat "apple crumble" in 5 minutes

6 November 2013

What I do with a packet of biscuits, a carton of custard and an apple?  Well I make apple crumble of sorts!  There is nothing like a bung-it-together sweet pudding, after a reasonably healthy dinner is there?!


Sasha's October food swap

31 October 2013 All my lovely food swappers send cards :). Cute n’est pas.  This month I expressed my love for chocolate but 1st…

Animal Aid's Great Vegan Challenge

November 2013 For all you would-be vegans out there, here’s the perfect opportunity to take the plunge and give the plant-based diet a go. This November, Animal Aid is running the Great Vegan Challenge and the idea behind it is simple: you pledge to go […]

Camden again?!


18 October 2013

Seriously Camden again?  Do we have no imagination…  Clearly not!  This time we went to eat at Cake N Treats, the fairly new vegan coffee shop in Camden but first I wanted to pick up some (cake) supplies.

First up baked peanut butter cake from inspiral.


New discoveries

13 October 2013 The main reason that I do most things, and here if you change most to “all things” its more accurate, is for food.  To read about food, to hear about food, to go and see food. It is the reason I wake […]