Guest Blog

Building OneKind Movement

Martin Keane is Movement Builder with Edinburgh based animal protection charity, OneKind. He is a regular speaker/guest blogger on his experiences of harnessing digital and social media tools to create an empowered, compassionate animal-friendly community. You can find him tweeting as @keanearrow and @onekindtweet

She said He said by Scott & Susan of Go Max Go Foods

Grab a candy bar and read on…

Christmas Greetings from Hard Rain (Dec 2010)

All best wishes for a very happy Christmas and wonderful (sustainable….) New Year. From the Hard Rain Project Mark Edwards Mark Reynolds Anna Smith

Vegan Peasant Secret Dinner

Friday 17th December 2010  Veganpeasant Secret Dinner In the heart of Hackney, this event focuses on extraordinary vegan cuisine.

Tyrannosaurus Veg, A Dinosaur in the Age of Aquarius #5

Tyrannosaurus Veg on Dealing with Temptation This has been the most difficult blog to write so far because this one is all about you, dear reader and not me so I need to get it right.

Hard Rain Newsletter

Dear Friends The summer exhibitions have been rolled up and returned, and we’re now looking forward to spring. But first, a lovely story from the exhibition shown outside the European Parliament in Brussels. A homeless person unclipped the Commentaries banner, rolled himself up in it […]

Brighton's Vegan Cake & Chocolate Appreciation Society

The Vegan Cake & Chocolate Appreciation Society are a group that meet monthly in the Brighton area.  In the summer the meetings take place in parks or on the seafront and this time of year (in the cold) we meet in peoples homes. Liz started the group as a […]

Tyrannosaurus Veg, A Dinosaur in the Age of Aquarius #4

Tyrannosaurus Veg and the New Shoes Thanks to the brilliant moral support I have been getting from Mitsu in particular, the incredible efforts the wonderful Mrs T_Veg has been going to for my meals plus all her moral support and fellow Vegans everywhere just saying, […]

Super Smoocher

The Winter’s closing in, earlier than any of us expected, and it’s set to be a cold one! Those lips of yours are going to be begging for help to keep them happy and kissable. You’ve looked everywhere for the help you need but no […]