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Tyrannosaurus Veg, a Dinosaur in the Age of Aquarius #3

Tyrannosaurus Veg and the 5 course Vegan banquet Once a year the Trades House of Glasgow elects a new Deacon Convener – who is the 3rd citizen of Glasgow after the Lord Provost and the Lord Dean of Guild.  To celebrate we usually have a […]

Tyrannosaurus Veg, a dinosaur in the Age of Aquarius #2

In my opening blog I mentioned my business life which involves me going to a number of corporate dinners at some of the glitziest hotels going.  I thought that these would be a BIG problem for a determined-to-be Vegan but so far I have been […]

Tyrannosaurus Veg, a Dinosaur in the Age of Aquarius

I am an imperfect Vegan. It isn’t my fault.  I want to be perfect but I haven’t worked out how to in a time scale that doesn’t involve me starving to death while I wait for my own produce to grow.

Pop Up Vegan Banquet by Jess Gold of Camden Friends of the Earth

I got an email out of the blue from Mitsu inviting me to guest blog on this site. I am involved with Camden Friends of the Earth and we decided that we would organise a vegan banquet to celebrate the 10/10/10 Global day of doing. […]

Zilli Green

To celebrate London Restaurant Festival (4-18 Oct), Zilli Green  is introducing a special £15 two-course menu to encourage people to ‘go green’!

Visit Neil Young’s exhibition of farmed animal portraits: ‘You, like me’ (3-31 October 2010) at First Out Café bar, London

1st September 2010 “If man is not to stifle his human feelings, he must practise kindness towards animals, for he who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of […]

A Vegan store for Manchester

Mitsu & Sasha have kindly asked me to write a guest blog about my potential business venture.

Ruth Norbury – Animal Rights Embroidery Artist

My name is Ruth Norbury, I have been married to James for just over a year although we have been together since we were in school. I am 32 and I live in Swansea with James, 2 border collies and 4.5 cats (one spends all […]

Sweetbird Guest Blog

April 2010 Sweetbird likes many things in life; his Antiguan Beach Hut, the music of Muddy Walters and afternoon favourite ‘Countdown’; but nothing compares to his love of flavours, big fat flavours, rich deep flavours, short sharp tangy flavours and long luscious fruity ones.  As […]

“Oneness” by Dorreya Wood – Author of Planet Cannibal

Hi there all you happy vegans!… I noticed one of the headings on this issue’s Vegan Magazine (Spring 2010) was the question: “WHY ISN’T THERE MORE OPPOSITION TO NONHUMAN ANIMAL EXPLOITATION ?”