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the Coconut Collaborative review

20 October 2014 Coconut yogurts, coconut milks, coconut water, coconut ice cream or sorbet, these things are everywhere.  There is definitely a trend going on right now and it’s not just a vegan product its for everyone and it’s vegan.

Vegan rice pudding

14 October 2014 I blame Gordon Ramsey and the cold weather for my latest cooking adventure.  At least this time I used the right rice!

Not really a risotto…

10 October 2014 It’s official.  It’s cold. I am not happy about the weather.  I am protesting. Silently.  By refusing to put my summer wardrobe away. I just reread that, it sounds like I have a lot of clothes.  I don’t.  It is summer t-shirts […]

Let's talk about food

03 October 2014 I think I forgot to tell you about my lunch at VegfestUK London…  Hello Hungry Gecko

Tanya's cafe, Chelsea

30 September 2014 Hey hey hey there’s a new raw place in London….  A big London welcome to Tanya’s cafe, Chelsea.  And it’s open everyday 🙂 which is good, it’s flexible and it’s expensive.  I would say more expensive than SAF, if that’s possible!

VegfestUK 2014

28 September 2014 VegfestUK organised their festival in perfect timing to be included in the last blogs of vegan mofo 2014.  A perfect plan or purely incidental?

Vegan goodies

27 September 2014 It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s new and best case scenario, chocolate.

A couple of coconut milk recipes…

18 September 2014 Coconut has never been my thing.  I have never enjoyed it and would swerve any coconut food, sweet or savory by a mile and a bit.

Throw it together muesli

17 September 2014 Are you like me?  You have 100’s of ingredients hanging out in your store cupboard that you bought with good intentions to use but with one thing and another (otherwise known as life), you never got around to using them up.

Shepherd's Pie

15 September 2014 Time for a recipe.  You know that I am a wing it, throw it together kinda cook….