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So yes, vegans can eat chocolate, hurrah! Your best bet when out in the wild will be the dark variety (always read the label), however raw chocolate is becoming more readily available as well as plant-based alternatives to dairy chocolate.

How Sweet is Your Chocolate?

25th March 2010 Last night Panorama reported on the use of child labour on cocoa farms. Just when it seems that I have got my head around how I can attempt to minimise my own contributing effects to how we exploit and ravage our planet […]

Whole Lot of Foods

10th March 2010

Yesterday we had some THV task to take care of in Kensington; check out the new THV cakes stickers aren’t they cute?!

Sasha's muffins bagged up and ready to go!
Sasha's muffins bagged up and ready to go!


Review: Organica Chocolate

27th September 2009 Today I put on my tasting hat, now I’m not to confident in my tasting skills/palate/lingo but I gave it a jolly good try! It might be surprising in light of my cupcake infatuation to hear that I don’t actually have a […]