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8th February 2014 Some of the things I am loving at the moment:

Camden again?!

  18 October 2013 Seriously Camden again?  Do we have no imagination…  Clearly not!  This time we went to eat at Cake N Treats, the fairly new vegan coffee shop in Camden but first I wanted to pick up some (cake) supplies. First up baked […]

L♥ve – VeganMoFo Edition

27th September 2013

A special VeganMofo edition of the all food I have been loving this month: (more…)

BIG DAY OUT – Camden

10 September 2013 Wasn’t I only just saying about a few blogs on BIG DAYS OUT and in the blink of an eye or 2 days later here we are.

The Day of Awesome Food

10th September 2012 For the last few months I have not been quite my food loving, food chomping self. However a couple of weekends ago despite the illness and hormones, The Appetite (apparently it amuses Sash that I personify it) is back!!