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Cupcake Camp London 2010

27th October 2010 Missing Iron Cupcake or just in need of a warm hug that is a room full of cupcakes? Then look no further! This Sunday (31st October) Cupcake Camp is pitching itself up in Camden for a fundraising event. 

You, Like My Cupcakes?

8th October 2010 It’s been a busy old week for me, even with work a bit crazy I managed to drop off a few batches of cupcakes for the private viewing of Neil Young’s ‘You, Like Me’ photo exhibition.

Everything Stops for Tea

3rd July 2010

Today was vegan tea party day! I have to say I am a little obsessed with tea parties/afternoon tea, so now that we finally have space to have one it didn’t take me long to find the opportunity. And what better occasion than a birthday? (more…)

Just a Typical Saturday

8th May 2010 With baking and making all Baby’s food from scratch, I pretty much spend all weekend cooking. So a typical Saturday for me involves replenshing Baby’s food supplies for the following week. I make big batches of whatever I decide is on the […]

Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale 2010

27th April 2010 When we helped The Vegan Mentor with her vegan bake sale stall in Hampstead around this time last year I remember how nervous we were about being on a stall. In fact I actually did what I could to not have to […]

Iron Cupcake London – Perfect Pair

2nd March 2010

As the date for the IC challenge draws closer I am filled with optimism and hope that some kind souls will provide me with lots of vegan cupcakes. (more…)

New Flavor Flavs

23rd February 2010 It’s been a while since I tried out some new flavours, but we saw the upcoming festival in Brighton as a good excuse to broaden our flavour horizons.

Cake A Difference

9th February 2010 Last week I signed up to Cake A Difference to make cupcakes to raise money for Bliss a charity that raises money for special care babies. So today I brought in 48 chocolate cupcakes as part of a covert vegan operation.

Ravioli and Custard

17th January 2009

One of the good things about working with another vegan is we get to make each other lunch. No one else at home is vegan so while sometimes they will share a meal with me, it always feels more gratifying when you know it’s for someone who will really appreciate some vegan home cooking. (more…)

Sprinkle it with Love

15th January 2009 No cupcake is complete without some sprinkles but unfortunately it is just another item that us vegans must be weary of. Fancy your cupcake with a side of crushed beetle, or better still their secretion? How about some cow or a touch […]