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Animal Aid Christmas Fayre

14th December 2009 Yes it’s been a while since Animal Aid but we finally have broadband again (I think we lasted all of a week without it!), and unlike the London Vegan Festival I made a point of walking round and taking some photos of […]

Cabbages & Frocks 18/11

19th November 2009 Yesterday we definitely got the message that Christmas is on the way. Cabbages and Frocks had a mid week market as part of the Marylebone Christmas Festival and turning on of the Christmas lights.

I Heart Cupcakes

8th November 2009

In my pre vegan days muffins were my baked good of choice, it wasn’t till I got married that my obsession with cupcakes began. I didn’t want a traditional cake and so I set about finding the perfect wedding cupcakes. Now this was 3 years ago, and the choice of cupcake bakery was not quite so huge as it is now. (more…)

Cabbages & Frocks 31/10

1st November 2009 Juts a quick blog to show a few photos from yesterdays vegan cake stall.

Trick or Mini Treat?

20th October 2009 Our next market day is the 31st of October, so planning ahead we have decided to get in the ‘spirit’ (sorry!) of it all and have a Halloween themed stall.

Cabbages & Frocks 17/10

18th October 2009

Friday I was far too busy to write a Vegan Mofo blog since I was instead baking for 13 hours! It was all in aid of our new venture at the Cabbages & Frocks market in Marylebone. (more…)

Iron Cupcake Challenge London – Booze

6th October 2009 Another month, another challenge and this time it was booze! I considered doing sake, plum wine and even beer but eventually decided to soak some plums in vodka after being inspired by this recipe by The Gluttonous Vegan.

National Cupcake Week!

14th September 2009 Hurrah! The week I have been waiting for has finally arrived. As you will have gathered by now I do have a little bit of a thing for cupcakes, I’m not quite sure what I was expecting to happen this week, perhaps […]

London Vegan Festival 2009

7th September 2009

Yesterday was the London Vegan Festival, we have been counting down to this event for, what has seemed at times like a life time! (more…)

Eastenders Part Two

3rd September 2009 On our last jaunt to the East End Sasha discovered some flyers for a clothing swap. Neither of us had been to one before but I first came across them whilst researching our clothing section and had been very intrigued.