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Review: Fry's vegetarian mince

28th December 2012 One of my favourite dishes is a Japanese dumpling known as gyoza (not to be confused with malignant entity of Ghostbusters fame Gozer). After turning vegan fortunately it was easy peasy to veganise. The dumpling skin is already vegan (usually just flour […]

Review: Fry’s meat free pops

18th November 2012 The sandwich might be a British invention, but by golly those American’s sure know how to make them. The Po Boy is a classsic New Orleans sandwich of fried seafood or meat served in a French baguette.

Review: Fry's Braai-flavour country herb sausages

1st November 2012

When I pulled the Fry’s Braai-flavour country herb sausages out of our goody box I immediately thought: sausage and mash…PIE! (more…)

Fry's vegetarian chicken strip sandwich

30 September 2012 Mits & I have a trip to NYC booked for NYC.  We have a whole list of places to visit, one of our new favorite food items is the vegan sandwich.

Review: Fry's vegetarian chunky strips

25th September 2012 Fry’s products have long been a staple of my freezer so when Sash and I were contacted to review some of their popular items we pratically bit off the hand that was offering them to us.