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Labour Day

30th January 2013 So here we are, month 9 already, it really has gone by so quickly and yet has also felt like an eternity (not being able to move like a normal person or see your feet soon loses entertainment value).

Recipes from my kitchen

26th October 2011 The majority of the recipes I have come up with myself have been for the Lil Man and there’s nothing better we like then to get our aprons on of a weekend. One of his favourite bed time stories is The Gingerbread […]

'Summer' Party

11th September 2011

I won’t bore you with the details but the last month or two of my life has consisted mainly of work, stress, studying, stress, work, stress, exam, and a bit more stress. So on my first week study and exam free I decided to throw a little party for all the little people in my life (and their wonderful mums). (more…)

Sunday Sugar Free Sundae

7th August 2011 Hmmm anyone know what happened to Summer? In spite of it’s absence I have been increasing my ice cream repertoire and now with a mini ice cream parlor in my freezer made my Lil Man his first sundae.

Super Grains

3rd July 2011 Meet my new friend millet (and old friend quinoa) the super grains. Millet on the left, quinoa on the right

Chickenpops and Lollipops

19th June 2011

As the weekends are the only time I get to go out with my boy, I obsess about weekend weather reports hoping for sunshine so we can go out on mini adventures. Hearing this weekend we would have a rainy Saturday and good Sunday I planned indoor activities for yesterday. Baking is always a good one, you can get nice and messy, eat the mess as you go along and then eat the product of your labour too. (more…)


4th June 2011 Today we took the Little Man to the cinema for the first time. Don’t worry we didn’t subject him to Hangover 2, this was a special screening in the morning for parents to take children to, so there’s no ‘tsking’ and ‘shushing’ […]

Home vs Heinz

31st May 2011 There’s something to be said for the convenience of beans in a tin, especially after I discovered it took 7 hours to make home made baked beans. Yet, how satisfying is it to sit down to chow down on beans that have […]

Pretty Strawsome

28th May 2011

Cute right?! They are Strawsome in fact! (more…)

Fungi To Be With

15th May 2011 How I come across these things I don’t know, but I was very excited when my randomness radar picked up a mushroom foray (almost) in my neck of the woods (ha ha!). Hampstead Heath