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If you were my boy…

29th April 2011 …this is what you will have been eating recently:

Summer Lovin' Shoes

21st April 2011 Now that the weather is getting warmer again (yes yes I know with intermittant cold days) it’s time to think about putting those warm winter boots and snuggly socks away. It’s time to get those tootsies free!

Back to The Kitchen

20th March 2011

It feels like I’ve hardly been in the kitchen the last few months, and then all of a sudden I am back to spending a LOT of time there. This week has been primarily preparing for yesterday’s Brighton Vegfest, then I had to drag my very tired self out of bed this morning to make an early start on some dishes for my favourite little man. (more…)

Not So Grrrreat!

22nd January 2011 As soon as my son was ready for solids I started him on the recommended ‘baby porridge’. Essentially this is just normally porridge ground down into a powder with vitamins added. Plum which I found in Sainsburys is an organic range of […]


17th January 2011 Round grey face, wheels, does what the fat controller tells him to? Yes that’s him Thomas the Tank Engine or Thomasan as my Japanese cousins like to call him.

T'was The Week Before Christmas

19th December 2010

So it’s the last week before Christmas and I have been running round trying to sort out all the last minute bits in time. Some things I have left dangerously too late like a spur of the moment decision to get the Little Man an I’m Toy table and chair made with sustainable rubberwood and painted with natural paints. (more…)


16th November 2010 It amuses my Mum now end when she recalls how I used to hate going to charity shops with her when I was young. I used to find it so embarrassing and lived in fear that someone from school would see me. Ahh […]

Rice Dream

7th November 2010 As if you don’t already know by now I am half Japanese. Briefly translated this means I have eaten a LOT of rice in my life. At home growing up we only ever had one type of rice, short grain Japanese rice which […]

The Good Life

11th October 2010

Yesterday I decided to make the most of the lovely weather and toddled off down to the park with the Little Man which just happens to be right next to the local allotments. Although we have been in our new house since June our garden still needs a lot of work and I can’t even begin to think about maintaining a plot until that’s sorted. (more…)

I Heart Eeyore

31st July 2010 Another day in Devon another animal sanctuary! Our second sanctuary trip was to Sidmouth to pay a visit to The Donkey Sanctuary and the donkey Vijay that my in-laws have been sponsoring for the last 6 years.