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Last month we spent a cheeky little weekend in Brighton. It’s been two years since our last family visit there and luckily we were blessed with good weather once again.



There sure is a vevolution going on, this year is STILL knocking out those new vegan products, places and events. Although they have been around since 2016, a few months ago I attended couple of Vevolution‘s ‘topics’ for the first time.

Vegan Life Live 2017

26th January 2017

First vegan festival of the year! The calendar for 2017 is rapidly filling up with other events, we’ll see how many I will make it to.

Vegan Life Live 2017 (more…)

Vegfest UK London 2015

18th October 2015 That time of year comes around quick doesn’t it?! Sash and I visited last Sunday, all the feedback I heard about the show on the Saturday was that it was INSANELY busy, so we used our fail proof method of getting there […]

Moveable Feast, London Bridge

19th September 2015 The Moveable Feast may well have been the best thing that ever happened to my lunchtimes. Reachable well within my one hour lunch slot I’ve been able to enjoy my favourite vegan foods. It’s like a teeny tiny market – no more […]