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(C)Heat Free Days

8th October 2009 Although it may appear to be all quiet on the Heat Free Day front I have still been attempting it every week. Granted my own guidelines have become a little hazy (yes I am sure buying cooked food is tantamount to cheating), […]

Heat Free Wednesday

16th September 2009 Well we got there in the end! What with baking on Monday and pie making yesterday my Heat Free Day kept getting pushed further down the week.

Another Heat Free Monday

7th September 2009

Another monday, another heat free day in a happy vegan house hold. I ummed and ahhed a bit about which day I would be heat free this week, but with a potential visit to Inspiral Lounge this wednesday I decided today would be the day!! (more…)

Heat Free Monday

31st August 2009 No, I am not talking about the weather (and it is actually quite hot in the flat now!), all over the world countries are introducing a meat free day of the week as part of an initiative to combat climate change. But […]