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Vegan Brighton

06 September 2013 Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Brighton twice.  Both day trips were food related (of course) and I also made sure to see the sea each time!  First blog on terre a terre is here.

VIVA festival, Brighton

19 September We always look forward to a THV day out, it is usually well planned & Mits is normally equipped with a map and list of “must see” vegan shops & eateries. Yesterday was no exception when Mits and I headed down to Brighton for […]

A rainy day in Brighton

22 November 2009

Despite the weather forecast I thought a day trip to Brighton would be good fun.  Especially as I need some new boots and thought vegetarian shoes would be a good place to go shopping.  After which there d be several options for lunch…



Greenie Bristol

17th August 2009 After Brighton I headed down to Bristol to visit some friends for a weekend of food, kiddies and car boot sales.

Vegan Brighton

14 August 2009 I have been visiting Brighton for as long as I can remember.  As I child I played on the beaches, in my 20’s I went to house parties and crashed on friends floors,  in my 30’s I stayed with a friend who […]