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Tokyo, Japan

16th June 2012 Tokyo has vegan restaurants a plenty but it is also BIG place, I had a few places listed to visit but in the end after all the travelling we had done, was happy to go where the wind took us.  I was […]

Arashiyama, Japan

12th June 2012 Shojin ryori is a traditional cuisine eaten by monks. Obviously an essential part of buddhism  is not to hurt another living creature, but because before the 20th century very little eggs and dairy were consumed in Japan this buddhist fare is actually […]

Hiroshima, Japan

6th June 2012

Our first day in Hiroshima and we decided on a leisurely stroll through Hondori shopping arcade. Unfortunately this turned into not so leisurely when we tried to locate the Shanti Yoga Vegan Cafe which is nearby for lunch. Without going into the walking backwards and forwards, forwards and backwards and being given wrong directions by the locals we finally found it and I am really pleased to say it was worth it. (more…)

Kyoto, Japan

2nd June 2012 We spent 3 days in Kyoto in the end, the first and last days of our trip, plus a trip to Arashiyama, seperate blog coming soon. Our first day is also known as the day I accidentally stumbled across vegan donuts. I […]

Japan: Eating in

27th May 2012 My Obachan (auntie) lives in Saitama Prefecture about 1.5 hours from Tokyo station, most of meals I ate here were homemade or bought from the supermarket.

Japan: Planning a trip

25th May 2012

I spent A LOT of time planning my trip to Japan this year. Baba decided she wanted to do a tour down south of Tokyo but I also wanted to visit the vegan places I could find in the areas we were stopping at. Just booking the hotels I had to take a day off work in the end, and getting my vegan hit list has been spread out over many evenings and weekends when I had a spare moment. (more…)

Holiday Pics: Japan

22nd May 2012 A few photos from my amazing two weeks in Japan to keep you entertained before the food blogs. 🙂