Animal Testing

Animal Testing

Animal Testing – cosmetics and household products Being vegan not only means cutting out animal products and derivatives from what we eat, but it also affects the choices we make when buying make-up, bodycare and household products. In a massively significant move, it has been […]

L♥ve: Beauty Edition

15th February 2015 A special beauty addition of cruelty free brands I am loving at the moment: ♥ OCC. I love vegan products to be loud and proud about their veganism!

Kiss Me Quick

7th May 2010

These days it’s not to hard to find natural or even organic lip balms, finding one that is vegan can be a little harder. Most natural brands will use bees wax as an emulsifying ingredient, this is a secretion from the bee used to build the honeycomb cells in the hive. Some vegans are  are not happy to consume bee products such as wax or honey, if you’ve never thought about why we have some information in our Why Go Vegan? section. (more…)

Tea For To

11th June 2009 Don’t you just love it when you get an invitation to a tea party where there will be vegan cakes?

(Crispy) Lucky For Me!

11th May 2009 With my other half needing to make an emergency visit into London, I managed to wangle myself a trip to Eat and Two Veg as part of the deal.