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Manna for my Man

10th April 2011 Last night had to have been my best trip to Manna EVER. Now I always enjoy it, but it’s not all the time Mr Ikeda my non vegan husband agrees to go to a vegan restaurant. We had been to Manna together […]

Christmas at Manna

23rd December 2010 It’s been a full 8 months since my last visit to Manna, yesterday I made a promise to myself not to let it go so long again.

Other Food I Have Been Eating…

23rd of July 2010

After a failed attempt to eat at Green Note in Camden (make sure you book a table folks) we pratically skipped our way to Manna. With a week of eating chips in Devon (and they were yummy chips too) I was ready for some ‘proper’ vegan food. (more…)

1 Year Today

22nd April 2010 Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! THV is a year old today! Can it be that long ago that the idea for the website was scribbled on random bits of paper? Did we think  all those months ago we would […]

Mind Your Manna

18th February 2010 What’s all the noise about? How many times in the last forty + years have we screamed and yelled that something huge was happening? That we had woken up and figured out that there is killing going on under our satiated noses, […]

Leather Wedding Anniversary

31st January 2010

Apparently the gift for your third wedding anniversary is leather – how ironic. I am pleased to say no animals were hurt in the celebrations. (more…)

Camden Part Two

27th May 2009 Sash and I returned to Camden to visit the rest of the places we never made it to last time.